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Frequently Asked Questions


A: On Capitol Hill at 309 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, next to Eastern Market and a half block from the Eastern Market Metro. We are open from 9-5, Monday through Friday. The phone number is 202-547-3511, the fax is 202-547-9361, and our main email is

Looking for a place

A: Go to our Rental Listings to see what is available. The list is updated daily, and it includes all the houses and apartments that are currently available. You can also get the information daily by email or call 202-547-3511.
A: We generally suggest that you start looking about six to eight weeks in advance of your move-in date. The availability date is included in our listings. If you see something on the list that interests you, go by the outside of the property to see if it meets your criteria for light, accessibility, convenience to transportation, etc. Then get in touch with the office or one of our agents, and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you to see the inside.
A: We generally show during our business hours of 9-5, Monday through Friday. However, since individual agents make their own appointments, they may be able to show a property at another time on the weekend or before/after normal work hours. Either email, call 202-547-3511, or speak with an agent directly to set up an appointment.
A: There is no cost until you apply. At that point each applicant will pay a $35 non-refundable application fee. There is no other fee. We cannot begin processing your application until the fee is paid.
A: You only need to set up an appointment. We suggest that you go by the outside to see if it meets your criteria for light, accessibility, convenience to transportation, etc. Then you can call 202-547-3511, email us at, or schedule directly with an agent you’re already in contact with to see the inside. We will need to see a government picture ID for the first appointment. Agents have their own schedules and can show you as many listings as agreed upon. Remember that our Capitol Hill area listings are primarily in both Northeast and Southeast addresses as well as others in the surrounding Southwest and Northwest areas of DC. Be mindful that some addresses may be duplicated in other jurisdictions. Check the address carefully on our listings and include the proper jurisdiction in your GPS locations.
A: Not usually. Because Capitol Hill houses and apartments are generally older, somewhat idiosyncratic, and individually owned, very few have layouts or square footage.
A: We do not rent places sight unseen, however we do allow properties to be viewed virtually via FaceTime, Google Duo, etc. with an agent as another means of touring for those out of town. If you have friends or family in the area who know your taste and can look on your behalf, we would be happy to show them anything that interests you as well. Ask them to go by the properties to see if they meet your criteria for light, accessibility, convenience to transportation, etc. Then they can call/email our office or discuss with an agent directly to set up an appointment to see the inside.
A: When you come in for your first appointment, you will need to bring a government issued picture ID to verify your identity.
A: We rarely have anything for less than a year. But we do have them occasionally. Any properties that are furnished or considering short-term leases will be indicated in the rental listing description.
A: We do residential rentals only. Check with some of the commercial real estate companies in the area about office space.
A: Pet policy is made by individual property owners. If a listing says NO PETS, then no pets are allowed. For the other properties, if the individual owner accepts your pet, a pet fee will be required. We have had pet friendly properties recently, and we should have more in the future.
A: No. However, we would be happy to show you properties if you wish to get a group together yourself.
A: Go to the MySchoolDC website and put in the address using the school finder page.


A: You can see a property at any time. You can submit an application once you see a property that you like.
A: We only require that you apply once. And you do not need to apply until you see something you like. Once your application is complete and you meet our criteria, your application is good for six months on any of our properties. We’ll ask you to submit additional information as needed.
A: Applications are not accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We process all applications as they are received.
A: We require that each adult 18 or over who will be living at the property must apply. All residents will sign the lease.
A: We need to have standard information, such as your full name, birth date, and social security number; location, dates, and contact information for your previous rentals for a minimum of two years, preferably from two separate landlords; and job or rent source details which can include your most current two pay stubs, an offer letter, or another source of rental payment verification.
A: No. However, if you are self-employed or retired or unemployed or have a housing voucher, which Yarmouth Management accepts, you must provide proof of your source of rent payment.
A: Two or three business days, depending on how long we have to wait to hear back from your references. You can help by letting them know we will be getting in touch with them.
A: We require a Guarantee if you have no credit, if you do not have two years of rental history (or verifiable rental references), if your gross income is less than 40 times the monthly rent or don’t have another source of rental payment. Your guarantor will need to have his or her signature notarized. They can email the form to or fax it to 202-547-9361. Then they should mail the original. A guarantee will not be accepted in lieu of bad credit or bad rental references.
A: You will be signing the lease. The guarantee form is an addendum to the lease. Your guarantor will not need to sign anything but the form.
A: We can work with you by email or fax for completing the application, and signing the lease. Payments for the application fee, the security deposit, and the first month’s rent can be done by bank transfer or overnight mail.
A: Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards directly for any payments. You can give us personal checks or cash for the $35 application fee or pay the fee by going to PayPal, go to send money, and use the link to


A: Virtually all of our leases are for one year. Short Term exceptions will be mentioned in the property description if available.
A: We require that all people who are living at a property be named on the lease. That means that everyone over 18 living at the property will be required to complete an application, be approved, and sign the lease.
A: When we offer you a lease, you will have 24 hours to sign the lease and pay the security deposit, which is equal to one month’s rent. If you have a pet or are moving into a condo, there may be other fees.
A: Just the security deposit. On or before your move-in date, you will pay the first full month’s rent. If you are moving in on a date other than the first, you will pay for that prorated move-in month’s rent at the beginning of the following month.
A: Both the security deposit and first month’s rent, which you will pay on or before move in, will be paid by cashier’s check, money order, or bank transfer.
A: We require all payments to be paid in one single amount.

Signing the Lease

A: Please read the lease, and let us know if you have any questions. Then
– initial on page 4 that you will check the smoke detectors,
– initial on page 8 at c.) and d.) that you have received the Landlord-Tenant Regulations, Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home, Tenant Rights Under the District’s Lead Law, and District of Columbia Tenant Bill of Rights,
– then sign and date the lease at the bottom right on page 8.
– On page 10, read the information that has been completed about the property by the landlord and the please complete Section C and sign on the bottom of the page.
A: We will have you sign the last pages of the brochures Tenant Rights Under the District’s Lead Law and District of Columbia Tenant Bill of Rights. Please scan and email all pages of the lease and any additional forms to the applications processor who sent you the agreement, fax them to us at 202-547-9361, or bring the lease and forms into the office. We will send you the fully signed lease as soon as it is returned by the landlord.
A: You will pay the security deposit at the time that you sign the lease. We also need any pet deposit or condominium move-in fees at lease signing. You will pay the first month’s rent when it is time to move in. Both the security deposit and the first month’s rent need to be paid with secured funds such as cashier’s checks, money orders, or bank transfers. We can assist you in setting up the bank wire.

Moving In

A: We will provide you with a packet of material to help with the process when you sign the lease. However, here are some specifics in case the packet is in a moving box.

You will need to set up the utilities specified in the lease:

  • Electricity: PEPCO, 202-833-7500,; set it up for the day before your move in to make sure the lights are on when you open the door.
  • Gas: Washington Gas, 703-750-1000,
  • Water: For many properties with multiple units, water/sewer is included in the rent. For houses, the DC Water bill may come to the house addressed to Owner/Occupant. You do not need to change it. DC Water is connected to the actual property and therefore does not remove the name of the owner from the account until the property is sold and transferred to a new owner.  DC Water will only allow tenants to have 3rd party access to the account. Depending on the service dates your first bill may only be partially yours and partially the owners. In this case please let the manager on the first page of the lease know to pro-rate the bill. You’ll otherwise just pay the bill as it comes. If a bill does not come within four weeks, contact your manager/landlord to get the account number to set up a payment through DC Water’s Portal.
  • Telephone: You may also need to establish a land-line phone if you’re using an older security system. Yarmouth will be able to provide this information at lease signing. In some condos, you may need a local phone number to access the intercom. In both of these cases, you can use whatever low-cost, local-only phone service you can find.
A: Most of Capitol Hill is served for cable services primarily by XFINITY/Comcast (800-934-6489, and Verizon FIOS (202-954-6263,( A local WiFi company is DC Access (202-546-5898, Satellite companies also service the Hill. You will need permission from the Landlord/Agent before installing most of these because you are not the owner of the property. Please let us know, and we will prepare a letter for you.
A: No. If you are moving into a house or a two- or three-unit building, trash is picked up as a city service. Trash and recycling bins should be available. You can check about your pickup days by going to If you are moving into a larger building, trash pickup will be by a commercial company paid for by the building. Ask one of your neighbors about pickup days.
A: Yes. Parking enforcement is very active. If you are coming from outside of the city or another part of town, you will need to get an appropriate Zone parking sticker for ongoing street parking. For more specifics about registering your car and getting a permanent Zone parking sticker, go to www.DMV.DC.Gov. As of 2021, DC has introduced a new system called ParkDC Permits that combines the previous Annual Visitor Parking Pass and the Temporary (15-day) Parking Permits. New and current residents may register for these permits on the ParkDC Permits Website. Residents will need to upload a copy of their Driver’s License and lease agreement as a part of the required documents.
A: You will need a special parking permit for a moving van. You can apply for the permit from The enforceable temporary no parking signs will need to be put up at least three days in advance of your move in. Additional information on this process can be found here.
A: Unfortunately, we do not have plans for most of our properties because they are individually owned. We encourage people to take measurements as they please during tours. You can also arrange an additional visit with the agent you’re working with.
A: No. Only one tenant needs to pick up the keys.
A: If you have not already done so, you will need to bring a cashier’s check or money orders for the FULL first month’s rent made out to Yarmouth Management even if you are not moving in on the first of the month. If you send the first month’s rent by bank wire, make sure you do so at least five business days in advance and that your name and the new address are on the paperwork. Please send us a bank confirmation for the wire. We cannot give out keys without confirmation of the first month’s rent.
A: We require that all of our tenants pay a full month’s rent when they move in. It covers the first full month that you will be living at the property. At the beginning of the following month, you will pay the prorated amount for the month that you moved in (this amount is on the first page of the lease). Thereafter, your rent will be for the full amount and is due on the first of the month.
A: Unfortunately, because of liability issues, you will not be able to do so for Yarmouth-Managed properties. However, we can often adjust your move-in date to conform to your deliveries. Properties that Yarmouth does not manage may make exceptions to this rule.
A: We will provide you with a set of keys for each tenant in the property. Most keys are easily duplicated, but occasionally a building will have a high-security key or FOB that requires special permission for duplication. There may be a fee for an extra set of these special keys.
A: Since we often have many tenants moving in at the same time, we are unable to do this. However, if you are moving into a property that Yarmouth manages, we will ask you to keep a list of minor things that need to be repaired for the first couple of weeks. That way, you will have a chance to learn your new home, and, with familiarity, recognize little things that you might not see in a walk through. Then let your maintenance manager know, and Yarmouth will take care of them. If the property is managed by the Landlord rather than Yarmouth, they may do a walk through with you.

As A Tenant

A: The contact for maintenance is also in the middle of the front page of the lease. Please email or call your contact as the need for repairs arise.
A: To set up a regular bank bill payment for your rent, you can go to your bank’s online bill-pay feature. The payment should be sent to the address in the middle of the first page of the lease–Yarmouth Management if we manage the property or your Landlord if the property is managed directly. Use your property address (“123 B Street SE,” for instance) as your account number. It should not cost you anything to set up this payment. You can also enroll in recurring rent payments using the auto-pay option in our online tenant portal. If you are a tenant at a Yarmouth Managed property, you can access your online tenant portal here.
A: If you wish to pay with a credit card or your debit card, your bank or credit card company may allow you to work through their system. You may also use a rent pay company but please let us know ahead of time to make sure it’s a company that we’re compatible. There may be a fee for this service. You will have to assure that your rent is paid in full with NO REDUCTIONS to the landlord for your credit card use. Follow their procedures to set up the payment. The payment should be sent to the address on the middle of the first page of your lease and make sure your property address is indicated on the payment. Yarmouth’s tenant portal for our managed properties allow for credit/debit card payment for rent payments.
A: You can always call us at 202-547-3511 or email us at, but try your direct contact person/landlord on the front page of the lease first especially for those properties we do not manage.

For owners

A: You can give us a call at 202-547-3511, email us at, or stop by our office at 309 7th Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, adjacent to Eastern Market. We would be happy to come to your property to take a look at it and discuss what type of rent you can expect, any repairs that may need to be made, and any ideas on how to make the property more rentable.
A: We would be happy to find tenants for you. We locate tenants for properties we manage and for those managed by their owners.
A: We’ll make recommendations based on comparable information for properties we have rented in the past year along with reviewing the current available rentals in the area. We’ll also factor in the property’s amenities, features, appliances, etc. to help assess the best price.
A: Yes in some cases, but since our standard lease term is for a year, we have generally found that our applicants are looking for unfurnished properties.
A: If you the owner of a Yarmouth Managed property, you can access your online owner portal here.

Rental Process

A: Whether you are going to manage the property yourself or if we will manage it, we will have you complete an agreement to rent your property. You will provide us with the names and contact information for your current tenants, when they are leaving, and a copy of their notice. Remember to leave a short time between tenants for painting as necessary, cleaning, and general maintenance. You will also let us know what utilities the tenants pay, tell us any special notes about showing the property, and include any specific clauses that need to be incorporated into the lease.
A: We will advertise it in print at the office, on our email list that goes out to more than 800 people who have specifically asked to receive the information, on our website, and on Craigslist, Zillow,, and a number of other web-based promotion sites. The list is updated daily. We include pictures in our listings. If you have good pictures, we will be delighted to use them.
A: Our agents will take clients to the property and will be with them at all times. Therefore, it can be shown while it is still occupied.
A: Each adult 18 years and older who will be living at a property must fill out an application. We perform a thorough credit check. We do not look at scores; we view each account and make sure it was paid on time. We also contact current and previous landlords to get references for at least two years of rental history, check job information (we verify salary), and research any additional information that might be needed for the rental. Only when we have completed this process to our satisfaction will we present the potential tenant to you.
A: Yarmouth Management has developed an excellent lease over our 35+ year history. We are constantly updating it to make sure it meets all Federal and DC requirements. Therefore, we will use our lease. However, it has lots of flexibility, and we can include any special clauses and substitute verbiage that is specific to your property.
A: They will pay a security deposit equal to one month’s rent at the time of lease offering. Then, on or before their intended move-in day, they will pay a full month’s rent. If they are moving in on a date other than the first, they will pay for that portion of the move-in month’s rent at the beginning of the following month.

Management Services

A: We will be responsible for handling of all day-to-day matters. The tenant(s) pay rent directly to our office and call us with any questions or problems they may have. These may range from maintenance items to utility questions to issues arising between tenants and their neighbors or the city.
A: We are responsible for the proper supervision of all repair and improvement work done by our qualified, professional contractors. Their bills will be paid from rents collected with no overhead added on.
A: We work with most of our landlords by email whether they are in the US or overseas. We find this the easiest way to keep you informed and to account for differences in time zones. We’re also able to call internationally from the office.
A: We will deposit the rent in the banking institution you designate. We can also pay certain bills that you specify prior to sending you the check.
A: We will email you a statement of income and expenses every month including copies of all paid invoices. Your December statement compiles all income and expenses for the previous twelve months broken out into tax categories for use in conjunction with income tax preparation. Finally, we will send you a 1099-Miscellaneous form for tax purposes.
A: You will have access to an online owner portal, which allows owners to see real-time property data. This includes rent payments, bills, and occupancy details. Owners can customize their Real-Time Dashboard to create a unique viewing experience.  If you the owner of a Yarmouth Managed property, you can access your online owner portal here.