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Yarmouth Management is a privately owned small business that has been specializing in renting and managing residential properties on Capitol Hill since 1981. Our staff of a dozen includes agents who show properties; application processing specialists; maintenance managers who oversee the licensed, bonded contractors who care for the properties we manage; financial staff who process income and expenses and report to property owners; a computer specialist who maintains this Web site and our e-mail list; and the president who is the primary liaison with property owners.


If you are an owner of properties on Capitol Hill who needs assistance in finding the right tenant for your property or if you need our complete property management services, contact us at 202-547-3511 or by email.

If you want us to RENT YOUR PROPERTY, we will visit it, give you an estimate of an accurate rental price based upon our years of experience, and will advertise the property for rent, including any preferences you may have relating to pets, smokers, etc. This includes listing it on this Web site, sending it by e-mail to an extensive list of clients who have specifically asked to be on this list, promoting it on Craigslist and a number of other web-based promotion tools, and handing out copies to individuals who visit our office. All of these recipients are your primary targets.

Our agents will show the property to clients from whom we have gotten identification; no lock boxes, no property visits without a Yarmouth staff member, no unannounced visits. Often we are able to find applicants within a few days.

When clients apply for a property, we get a signed application for each adult who will live at the property, which includes information about their identification, their rental history, and their current and past employment. All of this is checked individually, along with their credit histories. Applicants who meet our standards are presented to you for choice.

When you have chosen the applicants, we prepare a lease developed over years in the business that covers all eventualities. Applicants have 24 hours to sign the lease and give us a security deposit equal to one month’s rent, which holds the property for them until they move in. We also give new tenants a move-in package to assure that they will take care of utility accounts, have all of the legal documents required by the Federal and District governments, and that they will keep your repair costs to a minimum.

On the day the new tenants move in, they bring us certified funds for the first month’s rent. We give them the keys and a signed copy of the lease, and answer any last minute questions. Within days, you will have your first income from the rental.

If you decide to have us MANAGE THE PROPERTY, we will receive rents monthly, pay all bills you specify, and reply to maintenance requests, making minor repairs without bothering you. If repairs are major, you will be consulted, no matter where you are in the world. And we will assure that you get the best prices, along with quality service, for these repairs. We will also keep you up to date on the latest laws that might affect you.

Every month you will receive a statement of income and expenses. Your income can be deposited directly into your bank account.

We’ll treat you like a neighbor – which you are – even if you are on the other side of the world.

And either way, you will need to have the District of Columbia Basic Business License.